Yehuda Leibler

Founder at Cortex Group | Partner at Invicta Ventures


Yehuda is a Technology Consultant, Investor and Strategist. In 2014 (at age 14) he founded Cortex Group, an innovation consulting firm that grew to become a well-recognized consulting firm in the fields of Digitization, Product Strategy, and Online Cyber Protection. As CEO, Yehuda led Cortex Group's strategy as well as day-to-day operations growing the firm and its client base. In 2018 (at age 18), Yehuda led Cortex Group's merger with two other leading consulting firms, forming Cognita Partners, an international firm serving clients across the globe, where Yehuda serves as a Senior Partner. In 2016 (at age 16), Yehuda joined “Made In JLM”, an economic and tech-empowerment organization as Chief Technology Officer where he led digitization and international tech partnerships with governments, corporations and startups for over 2 years. In 2018 (at age 18), Yehuda, alongside a number of young entrepreneurs, founded Invicta Ventures (formerly “Lavi Fund”), a small Venture Capital Group investing in private and crowd funding deals (portfolio companies include: Innocan Pharma, Tallyfy, Immersed,, Gumroad, and others…). Yehuda is an active social entrepreneur, having co-founded Society Labs in 2017 (at age 17), an award-winning initiative connecting non-profits with developers and tech solutions to help them achieve growth and impact. Additionally, during the first few weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, Yehuda created "CoronaBiz", a platform that became the #1 resource for businesses in Israel during the pandemic. The site later partnerd with local governments and governmental ministries in Israel to help as many struggling business as possible via a governmental web app. Yehuda's social initiatives have won both the WeWork Creator Awards and have been selected for the Facebook community leadership program. Yehuda occasionally writes about technology or politics (but not both) for leading publications such as: The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, International Policy Digest, Hackernoon (where his articles have often been chosen as "top stories"), and others. In 2018, Yehuda was chosen by the President of Israel (Reuven "Rubi" Rivlin) and the IDF chief of staff (Gadi Eisenkot) as one of Israel's 70 most promising young entrepreneurs. Having been born In Australia, and raised in Israel by an American Mom and an Australian Dad, Yehuda is fluent in both english and Hebrew. Yehuda is also proficient in Persian.



Invicta Ventures

January 2018 – Present

Co Founder, CEO

Cortex Group

Israel Based, Operating Globally

October 2014 – Present

Senior Partner

Cognita Partners

Jerusalem | Tel Aviv | Los Angeles

November 2018 – Present


InnoCan Pharma

2018 – Present



2021 – Present


Immersed [Techstars '17]

2021 – Present



2021 – Present



2019 – Present



2019 – Present


Relay On Demand

2021 – Present



2019 – Present


Hacker Noon

2018 – Present


Majored in: Political Science, Economics, Philosophy

Charles E. Smith High School, The Hartman Institute

2013 2018



Society Labs

January 2017 – Present

Society Labs is an award winning social initiative working to connect non profits with technology so as to bring forth social good. Winner of the WeWork creator awards, Chosen by Facebook for their community leadership program.


Side Project Academy

2018 – Present

Weekly Hack Nights for young creators and entrepreneurs.



March 2020 – Present

During COVID-19 I launched and created a platform containing all the information, tools and support being offered to businesses in light of the Pandemic. The site had thousands of daily users. To grow, we partnerd with local governments and national ministries and transformed the site into a governmental web app. During the first wave of the pandemic, we were named the #1 platform for businesses seeking support and resources in Israel.

Certified First Responder

Magen David Adom in Israel


Taglit-Birthright Israel

April 2018 – Present

Mentoring young entrepreneurs on the Taglit-Birthright innovation track.

Mentor & Lecturer

SaronaHub - שרונהאב

March 2018 – Present

Counselor for youth with disabilities

Wings of Krembo / קנפיים של קרמבו

September 2014 – December 2015

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