Kai McCormick

ThetaHacks Tech | .Net/C# & Backend | High School Student


Currently a high school student at University Preparatory Academy, I have a passion for programming and solving problems. I have experience developing in C#, (Xamarin and ASP.Net), Python (small scripts), Rust (Low-Level & Backend), HTML/CSS/JS, and some Java! I love Linux and am proficient in managing and maintaining servers as well as self-hosting and docker. I also love reading and will probably find me reading when I find the chance to. I also am a volunteer programmer with experience at eBay as well as managing a programming club at my school. I love to attend hackathons and helping them out with most recently ThetaHacks and ScribeHacks.


Technical Team Member


San Jose, California, United States

December 2020 – Present

Assistant Club Manager

UPA Hack Club

San Jose, California, United States

August 2020 – Present

Student Intern


Palo Alto, California, United States

July 2019 – August 2019

Volunteer Staff


San Jose, California, United States

July 2019 – July 2019


High School/Secondary Diploma Programs

University Preparatory Academy Charter

2017 2023

Computer Programming

Gavilan College

2020 2020




July 2019 – Present

Helped teach a class on Python.

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