How to show your Vitaely website on your own custom domain

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How to connect a custom domain so you can show off your Vitaely website on it's own domain

You can now connect your own domain to give your Vitaely website a more personal home, e.g. "".

If you'd like to skip the how-to guide, head here to connect your custom domain.

Why would I want to connect my own domain?

When you create your Vitaely website, as standard your page will be displayed on the domain, e.g: "".

This is fine for sharing your website and allowing people to view it, but it can be better.

Show you are a true professional by putting your website on your own custom domain. This can help to build more trust with potential clients and employers.

Search engines tend to prefer results with domain names that include the search terms, which makes it easier for people to find you.

How do I connect my custom domain?

You can start connecting your own domain at any time from the Domain Settings area of your account.

Access the domain settings page of your profile

You will be asked to enter the custom domain that you want your Vitaely website to appear.

This needs to be a domain where you are able to edit the DNS settings as we will need to add a few records to ensure your website shows correctly.

Enter your custom domain

When you add enter a custom domain, instructions will appear as to the DNS changes you need to make to get your Vitaely website to appear on your custom domain.

Note that the instructions will be specific to your site, so you can't just copy the DNS record in the image below.

Add DNS records

After a few minutes your website will be live on your custom domain.

You will need to be on a Premium plan in order to add a custom domain.

Your website is now live

Connect your custom domain

Become a true professional and show off your website on it's own custom domain.

Connect your domain