How to create an online CV in 2 minutes

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What is an online CV?

Much like an offline CV; an online CV is a chance to share a bit about yourself, your professional experience and you education, amongst other things. Usually a CV is submitted as part of a job application and will very likely make up the first pieces of information that any potential employer, partner, or client will learn about you.

Why do I need one?

Traditionally, CVs are submitted in the form of a Word document or PDF. A person in charge of hiring can sift through hundreds of them in order to find what they are looking for.

Having an online CV helps to build credibility and stand out from the crowd. It also helps to build exposure online through SEO. Having a website can make it much easier for you to be found online. You never know what opportunities it may open up for you.

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Recruiters often have to dig through hundreds of similar CVs. Photo by Rainier Ridao.

How do I make an online CV?

There are many places where you can start building an online presence. Tools such as Squarespace, Webflow and Universe allow you to create websites relatively easily with no need to learn how to code. offers a super simple way to turn your LinkedIn profile into a personal online CV in just 2 minutes.

How create an online CV with

  • Create your free account

  • Grab the URL of your Linkedin profile and sync your data

  • You're done! Your online CV is ready

Sycning your data from LinkedIn is as easy as pasting the URL.

Create your online CV in 2 minutes

Stand out from the crowd. Use your LinkedIn profile to create your very own professional landing page.

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